Travel Information

We will be waiting outside the Guatemala Airport when you arrive. If for some reason we are not there (traffic, car trouble or emergency), find a spot on the curb and stay close together as a group. We will arrive shortly.

Be sure your group exits the airport doors together. Do not proceed beyond the baggage claim area until everyone in your group is accounted for.

Once outside the airport, do not split up or go back inside to use the bathrooms (use before leaving the airport).

Security Precautions at Airport

Crime originating from the Guatemala Airport continues to be a problem. Organized crime organizations have “scouts” that monitor the airport, carefully studying the groups that exit to determine who the profitable targets are. The scouts are trained to look for specific items.

  • DO NOT have your ipods, phones, mp3 players, etc visible. (Phones are valuable here, and some criminals have quotas to collect each day.)
  • DO NOT have camera’s or camera equipment visible (put inside another bag).
  • DO NOT bring laptop computer bags, making it obvious that you have one.
  • DO NOT wear nice watches, jewelry, etc.
  • DO NOT bring expensive, high-end luggage. (Organized crime scouts are well-trained in luggage brands. Expensive luggage = valuable contents.)
  • DO NOT wear matching T-shirts.

Other Items

  • Towels, blankets, and pillow are provided by Village of Hope.
  • Due to the damp weather, especially during the rainy season, we encourage you to keep all electronic devices off the floors while staying at Village of Hope.
  • While at Village of Hope, please refrain from using any curse words or foul language. Thank you!
  • For your safety, we ask that you exchange any money you will be needing for your trip at the airport. We ask that each individual have any funds you may need for shopping, excursions, or items outside of those listed on your schedule.
  • The use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products are PROHIBITED at Village of Hope.