When first families are no longer an option for children for a number of reasons, Village of Hope provides a unique model of orphan care in which the children are placed within a home with houseparents and siblings that they are able to build true family relationships with.

This family model is at the heart of what we do. We believe that the family unit is God's design for healthy relationships and enabling children to build life skills necessary to have healthy families of there own someday.

We desire for this emphasis on the family unit to be reflected in our sponsorship as well.

Not only can investing in these families change the course of the childrens' lives and help enable them to become healthy, independent individuals, but it can have a profound impact on the sponsor's life as well.

Sponsoring families or individuals agree to give $34 per month towards sponsoring a family. Each family will have multiple sponsors in the United States who will not only be able to support them financially, but support them by building a relationship with them. This financial support enables Village of Hope to provide food, clothing, medical care, counseling, education, and spiritual mentoring to each of the children in the family.

When you sponsor a child, your sponsorship goes towards the family that child is part of at Village of Hope. We encourage you to not only pray for and get to know the child that you are sponsoring, but their family as well. You can write letters and even meet their family in person on a missions trip to Village of Hope. If you have any questions regarding sponsorships,please contact us at families@villageofhopeguatemala.com.