Mission Trip FAQ

How much does a mission trip to Village of Hope cost?

All funds are due to Lifesong 30 days prior to your departure date. For trips that are 7days/6 nights the cost is $1750 for adults and $1500 for youth (17 years and younger). This cost includes flights to Guatemala, and all in country costs except souvenirs and snacks.

How do I book my tickets?

All flights will come into Guatemala City Airport. Due to limited vehicles and staff, your entire team will need to arrive and depart at the same time. We will organize and book all flights on your behalf.

How do I contact the missionaries while traveling?

In case of a change of plans or a delay in your travel, please contact us as soon as possible. You may email todd@villageofhopeguatemala.com or amy@villageofhopeguatemala.com. You can also reach us at the following numbers: international 972-968-9555, in-country 3201-3392 or 4546-1458. The international line can be passed on to your families to use in case of an emergency.

Where can I exchange money? How much should I exchange?

Please exchange any cash that you will be traveling with at the airport into quetzales. The exchange rate is typically around 7-9 quetzales to the dollar. While the exchange rate may be a bit better at a local bank, it is for your safety that we ask that you exchange at the airport. Your team leader will know the cost breakdown for all of your expenses, including your room, food, etc. If you would like to bring extra money to purchase souvenirs or gifts, feel free to do so. Items in Guatemala are much cheaper than in the states. For example a $30 purse in the US may sell for around $5-$7 in Guatemala.

If you would like to do so, you can bring a credit card or debit card with you to use at local stores. You MUST call your bank/credit card company to inform them that you will be using it out of the country. However, when we visit a local market, you must have cash to purchase items.

What can I bring for the children we are serving?

We are always in need of basic items for the children living at Lifesong Guatemala: Village of Hope, such as clothing, toiletries, baby supplies, and hygiene products. Bringing shoes is a high priority for not only the children living at Village of Hope, but also the children in the community. In addition, soccer balls, with pumps and extra needles are always needed. Many people will bring these deflated and inflate them once we are in Guatemala. Soccer is very popular in Guatemala and is a great way to interact with Guatemalan children, especially when there is a language barrier.

*If you would like to bring other items, please ask the missionaries at Lifesong Guatemala: Village of Hope for a list of current needs.

What types of activities should we prepare for the children for our play time/free time with them in the afternoons?

While we do have many young children at Village of Hope, we do also have a large number of teens living here as well. Please be considerate of including activities that are age appropriate for our older children as well as you plan your activities. Some ideas of previous activities that teams have brought that our kids have especially enjoyed include: modeling clay/playdough, stamped leather bracelets with their names, field trips, and dramas

Will there be a laundry service?

No, there is not a laundry service available at Lifesong Guatemala: Village of Hope. Please bring enough clothes for the duration of your trip. 

What should I pack? How should I dress?

We encourage you to bring layers as it can be cool in the morning and evening in Guatemala but very hot in the afternoons. We also encourage you to bring tennis shoes for lots of walking, a water bottle to keep filled up when we are out serving, and clothes that could be used for painting and/or construction. Between the months of June and October, you may want to bring a rain jacket due to the rainy season. In order to respect the Guatemalan culture and maintain modesty, please refrain from wearing short shorts, short skirts, or low cut shirts. Also, please do not wear any clothing that shows your belly or back. Capris and dresses/shorts below the knee are allowed. If you do not comply, you will be asked to change your clothing.

Be sure that you bring a current passport and a list of any medications you take on a regular basis. Also, be sure to pack bug spray and sunscreen.

How big can my luggage be?

Check with your airline for luggage allowance, measurements, and weight since each airline is different. Be sure to pack essentials in your carry-on in case of any delays with your checked luggage.

Where do I fly into?

The airport we use it in Guatemala City, Guatemala. For airline websites, use GUA.

What do I do at the airport?

While you are on the plane, fill out the customs form as a US citizen that the flight attendants hand out and indicate that you are here for tourism/missions. Once off the airplane, follow the signs for customs/entry into the country. Once you are through customs, exit the airport building and go to the right… we will be standing there to pick you up.

How can I prepare for the poverty we will see?

We encourage you to spend a great deal of time digging into God’s Word and searching His heart for the orphan, the widow, the destitute, and the downtrodden. In addition, we encourage all teams to come prepared to have a devotional time together each evening after dinner. We have found that spending this time together seeking the Lord and sharing what He has laid on each of your hearts has been very beneficial for the teams we’ve hosted.

Should I give money when I see people begging on the streets? 

We encourage you to do what the Lord calls you to. We do feel, however, that building relationships, introducing people to Christ, and coming alongside them has made more of an impact than giving people money.  

Do I need shots to travel to Guatemala?

The Center for Disease Control does not require any medications for traveling to Guatemala. If you would like to get any shots or medication, feel free but they are not required. We do recommend packing an anti-nausea medication if you are prone to nausea.

Can I drink the water?

Village of Hope has filtered water that you can drink on the facility. If you go to a local restaurant, we encourage you to order bottled water and check with the staff to see if the ice is filtered. 

Do I need an electrical converter?

Converters for electricity are not required in Guatemala. 

Can we take pictures of people in Guatemala?

Any pictures taken of the children at Village of Hope may not be shared with names and when posting pictures on social media, trip participants will need to adhere to the photo policy they will sign upon arrival/tour at Village of Hope.